Why should your company have an app?

should company have app

Why should your company have an app? Our lives now cannot function without smartphones. Even when we are away from home and away from our place of business, we remain connected to the rest of the world through them and the Internet. A mobile application is your best friend if you run a business because […]

The importance of testing an app

testing apps

  Testing your application must be kept in mind as an important part of the application development process. After all, this big step will help you to guarantee the quality, functionality and reliability of your application. In this post we will explain everything you need to do testing, the importance of some tools that will […]

Unimedia’s latest project, Zellar, goes live!


Unimedia is extremely excited about the latest project we’ve delivered – Zellar, the world’s first sustainability platform! Zellar Zellar is a state-of-the-art platform designed to overcome the challenges of eco-accountability.  The platform aims to make climate action practical, affordable and accessible to business owners by making it dead simple to offset their carbon footprint. You […]

Custom Software Development Advantages for Companies

Custom Software Development Advantages for Companies

With the rapid evolution of the digital world, the digital requirement for companies is rapidly evolving. It is essential for brands to accommodate for the required functionality in their digital resources to make sure that their business operations are effectively supported. Even though most companies initially opt to go for generic, general-purpose software, it is […]

How to choose the right tech consultant

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, in need of a boost in resources for a one-off job or a series of projects, when outsourcing, it is key that the individual or firm you use is able to share and execute your vision, so you can achieve your business objectives. Word-of-mouth recommendations are very helpful, but in the absence of, […]

Why is it Smart to Outsource Your App Development?

Why it's smart to outsource your app development

Outsourcing app development offers immense benefits, including time savings, access to professional expertise, freedom from logistical hassles, adaptability, and a strong return on investment. Companies of all sizes can leverage these advantages for efficient and cost-effective project completion.

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