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Unimedia Technology have a team of experts that have delivered mobile applications across all the major platforms.

We offer the following services:

  • Native App Development with Swift
  • Native mobile application development with Android Java.
  • Cross platform development with Xamarin
  • Cross platform development with Angular and ionic
  • Cross platform development with React Native
  • Outsource your development team
mobile application development
mobile application development

Native or Hybrid mobile, you name it

Offer the best user experience

Native mobile applications have typically delivered a higher user experience by making use of the full power of your user’s mobile devices, however that typically meant having to develop 2 applications, one for Android and one for iOs. This is usually developed in Swift for iOs and Java for Android.

The hybrid applications came in which used web technologies to deliver a cross-platform application write once and use everywhere, even in browsers! These are usually developed as Web Apps using Angular or React with ionic and other similar technologies.

There are also variations in between which do write once and compile to native with React Native or Xamarin and others.

If you are looking for a team of Swift, Java, ionic, React Native or Xamarin, we have a good one here at Unimedia Technology!

Quality of your Application

Important for increased application quality

A common challenge of the mobile apps is quality when running on the multiple devices that exist out there. Device fragmentation is a common problem when targeting the Android platform. 

Here at Unimedia Technology we are very aware of this challenge, and we have Quality Assurance team that use techniques of automated testing to review the app rendering using device farms. We ensure that your application is delivered at a top quality and with good code structure as well.

quality application
mobile software

What have we done?

Strong relationships with specialists

We’ve created complex players that play on a remote schedule on thousands of sites. These are Android bespoke players which come with our app installed in the factory. We do have the know how to create personalized devices for your needs that can be directly delivered from manufacture to your customer.

We’ve developed real time music controllers apps, Spotify like streaming apps, Covid customer menu apps, apps to promote hotels branding and many more. 

How we do it?

What is the objective of your app?

We have the difference development services will work on transforming your idea into an innovative and secure mobile application. 

For your project, we can offer mobile solutions to improve your business effectiveness and efficiency. With long experience developing mobile applications, we have a strong knowledge base to guide you along the process of mobile application development.

Our experts cover an entire cycle of mobile application development, including business analysis, UX design and development of your mobile applications from idea to lunch.

If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, our best app developers are at your service. We provide iOS and Android mobile application development services, so you can reach your customers on their favourite devices.

Mobile App Development

We are Experts in Mobile Technologies

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