Gender equality in science and technology


Our commitment to gender equality At Unimedia Technology, we firmly believe that the inclusion of women in the world of technology is a crucial issue. It’s not just a matter of justice and equal opportunities, but also about fully utilizing the talent and creativity of half of the world’s population. There is still much work […]

AWS Containers


More and more businesses are converting to cloud computing platforms due to their unrivalled advantages. Containers are essential for this process. A tool to make the safe transfer of software from one environment to another is called a cloud container. How do cloud containers work? Software containers, also known as cloud containers, are instruments that […]

AWS Cloud Development Kit using Java

In this blog, you will learn about AWS Cloud Development Kit using Java. Without further ado let’s get started! You may also be interested in: “React 18 Features – What’s new in the box?” Introduction to AWS Cloud Development Kit The AWS CDK lets you build applications in the cloud with the expressive power of […]

Implement Authentication in Angular using AWS Amplify

Authentication using AWS Amplify

This article is about how to implement Authentication in an Angular using AWS amplify within a very short period of time. As a specialized development company, we offer the services of custom software and dedicated team to help our customers in this kind of implementations. So, as we saw in previous article, AWS Amplify is […]

What is AWS

AWS With the rapid growth of digital infrastructure and the internet economy, companies require the right digital infrastructural support to sustain their operations. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading digital hosting provider for companies across the world. AWS encompasses all the services Amazon provides online all gathered together under the umbrella of Amazon Web […]

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