The power of video in the digital world: How to increase interaction and visibility of your posts

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Today, it is virtually impossible to ignore the important role that websites and social media play in the digital world. For both businesses and professionals, being present on these platforms has become a necessity to remain competitive, connect with their audience, and improve their search engine rankings. To achieve this, companies and professionals use a set of techniques and strategies aimed at improving the visibility of a website in search engine results, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For months now, digital marketing analysts and specialists have been pointing out that video is becoming a very important element for improving the visibility and engagement of publications, which can translate into an improvement in the SEO ranking of the website.

Why does video influence search results and post views?

Firstly, increased time spent on the site: Videos tend to keep users interacting with a post for longer, increasing the time spent on the site and reducing the bounce rate. It is very important to keep visitors on our website or social media platform for as long as possible. This will help our publication to rank well in search results.

Secondly, improvement in click-through rates: Search results that contain videos tend to have a higher click-through rate than search results that only contain text. It’s not easy to create text-only content that is attractive and catches the attention of many people. Including videos in social media posts and on the website will help us improve the visibility of that content.

Thirdly, amplification of reach: Videos are shared more frequently than other types of content. If you think about how you yourself act, what posts have you shared in the last week? It is very likely that most of them include videos. This will help to reach a much larger audience and improve organic traffic to our website, mobile application or social network.

There is another factor, less technical, but also very important. Video allows brands to show their human side. Social media platforms are cold and impersonal, and through videos, companies and professionals can convey their personality, style, and humanity. They help to build closer and more authentic relationships with their audience, which will make them feel more loyalty and trust towards the brand.

A practical example would be “behind the scenes” stories, videos presenting the human team and the offices or facilities. Showing the way of working and the environment brings the viewer closer to the publisher. This type of video can help to humanize the brand and show its corporate culture and style. They will get more interactions and better search engine rankings.

Another good example is tutorial videos, which also perform very well: giving advice, providing practical lessons, offering tips, or showing manufacturing or operating processes. These are posts that spark the audience’s interest, making them feel good. Through this post, we are sending a message that offers help and support to the viewer. They are highly interactive videos, very shareable, and keep the audience on our site for longer.

Take Action

Now that you know the benefits that video can bring to your success online, don’t miss the opportunity to include it in your posts and make your brand go much further. So if you haven’t started incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy yet, it’s time to do so!

At Unimedia Technology, we have a team of experts in software design and development who can help you create your website or mobile application if you haven’t decided to be visible in the digital world yet, as well as integrate videos into them or your social media. Don’t hesitate to contact us and consult us, we will be happy to advise you:




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