Unimedia Team Christmas Dinner 2023

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As every year, last Friday, on 11/24/2023, the Unimedia team celebrated its annual Christmas company dinner.

This annual event brings together our entire team. Most of our developers work remotely from various cities across Spain and even some in Europe. This meeting is the perfect opportunity to connect in person, setting aside screens and sharing moments of closeness and camaraderie.


The Unimedia Family

The relaxed atmosphere, enjoying an excellent dinner, and a few toasts help unite the team and foster a sense of belonging to the Unimedia family. These moments strengthen the bonds among everyone, creating a deeper connection that extends over time.


At Unimedia, we stand out for our corporate culture.

One of our core pillars is human quality and solid interpersonal relationships. The respect and passion for our work shared by the entire team are evident in every project we undertake. This dinner not only represents a moment to share joy and companionship but also to showcase the commitment and dedication each team member brings to the company.

We value the importance of building a strong, united team, knowing that this is reflected in the exceptional quality of the services we offer our clients.

We wish everyone could experience such a high-quality work environment. We firmly believe that a good work environment is an essential component for any company’s success. As the famous technology entrepreneur and magnate Richard Branson said: ‘Customers do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

We remain committed, once again, to maintaining the highest standards and ensuring excellence in everything we do. We continue to care for and add value to our team to achieve this goal.

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