Unimedia Team Christmas Dinner 2023

As every year, last Friday, on 11/24/2023, the Unimedia team celebrated its annual Christmas company dinner. This annual event brings together our entire team. Most of our developers work remotely from various cities across Spain and even some in Europe. This meeting is the perfect opportunity to connect in person, setting aside screens and sharing […]

Key Components of Penetration Testing Services

penetration test

When it comes to IT security, it is essential for organisations to keep their networks and systems secure from potential cyber attacks. To achieve this, one of the most effective actions is penetration testing, also known as ethical security testing.These tests simulate computer attacks to detect and correct weaknesses and vulnerabilities that your systems may […]

Essential skills in the 21st century

(image generated with AI: CANVA & ZMO.AI) Introduction We are witnessing a profound transformation in the labor market. New drivers are emerging that propel this significant change, such as automation, Artificial Intelligence, globalization of markets, and new forms of communication. As a direct consequence, multiple work domains are rapidly transforming, and traditional roles are being […]

The Importance of Cloud Monitoring for Ensuring Business Continuity


For some time now, the way data is stored and processed in the business world has changed. Today the cloud has become a fundamental tool that has allowed organisations greater efficiency, flexibility and scale, giving them the ability to compete in an increasingly digitised business environment. But moving information and processes to the cloud comes […]

How to Ensure Security in Software Development.

(image generated with AI Stable Difussion) Introduction  At present, we are moving in an increasingly connected and digitized environment. In our homes, workplaces, our children’s schools, hospitals… Even when we go on a mountain excursion, we continue to use applications that guide us and help us reach our destination. Cyber attacks and security breaches can […]

Our Passion and Its Impact on Society: Software Development

(image generated with AI) Our Passion: Software Development We live surrounded by technology. In our homes, our workplaces, our recreational places, in schools and universities, in hospitals… Technology is now an everyday thing, completely integrated into our lives. We would even say that we couldn’t live without it. Behind all that technology is the work […]

We featured in Design Rush as Top Web Development Companies in Spain

Design Rush Design Rush is a guide to finding the best professional agencies, categorized by their areas of expertise, including web development. They analyzed and ranked hundreds of agencies to help brands find top full-service agencies, web design companies, digital marketing firms & top technology companies. Unimedia Features in Design Rush Now, Unimedia Technology also featured […]

The value of user experience in software development

(image generated with Canva and edited with ZMO.AI) Introduction  In today’s increasingly technological world, users have an infinite number of technological options at their disposal. Logically, all software developers want to position themselves at the top of the ladder to success. And it is in this scenario that user experience (UX) has become a crucial […]

Gender equality in science and technology


Our commitment to gender equality At Unimedia Technology, we firmly believe that the inclusion of women in the world of technology is a crucial issue. It’s not just a matter of justice and equal opportunities, but also about fully utilizing the talent and creativity of half of the world’s population. There is still much work […]

Unimedia named as a custom software company in London

campaña de creacion

Unimedia Tech is an expert company in Programming Services that has a team of programmers with the necessary skills to develop any task for a company related to programming. The company has been a reference in the software programming sector. Unimedia Tech has a lot of experience working with different clients and projects internationally. This […]

Staff Augmentation Services

staff augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation? As a CEO, you know that having a talented and skilled workforce is essential for the success of your company. However, finding and hiring the right people can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially if you need specialized skills or expertise. That’s where staff augmentation comes in.   Staff augmentation […]

Benefits of landing pages for Startups and how to build one

landing pages

Creating a startup is not an easy thing, requires lots of time in thinking and designing to make it work, like for example defining your goals, target, value, product and others. Apart from this, one of the most important things to take into account is finding a way to promote it effectively. However, promoting through […]

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