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The technology that surrounds us today opens up a new world full of opportunities. Today, 4 out of 5 people have a smartphone or electronic device that allows them to establish a connection to access the internet. The development of web applications has become in recent years an essential element for any company or enterprise whose main objective is to reach a higher percentage of the public.

The development of custom web applications for companies has become the basis of any modern business

What are web applications?

First of all, do you know what a web application is? It is an interactive platform created for users to perform certain actions. Its main objective is to facilitate the flow of information, streamline work and increase effectiveness within the usual processes of a company.

Hiring web application development can be a great investment for your company. Thanks to them you can save time, money and also improve process efficiency. It also facilitates the standardization and automation of processes as well as ensuring comfort, accessibility, security and control from any point with a network connection.

Benefits of web applications

Nowadays, companies are increasingly relying on adopting a system that automates their processes and improves the treatment of their products, so the development of a web application is no longer an alternative but an almost essential requirement. Developing this type of digital platforms is to invest in efficiency, since the benefits they can provide improve not only the processes but also the functional and commercial scope of the brand.


Web-based applications are always up to date with the latest release.


One of the main advantages of web applications in the work environment is the lower RAM requirement. This leaves plenty of space available for other documents and programs.

Viruses and bugs

Another feature of a web application is that it is less prone to crashes and technical problems because the software is much better and bugs can be fixed faster.

Number of users

The use of web applications allows simplification of tasks and processes and better contact with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders of the company.

Quick access

Web applications do not need to be downloaded, installed or configured. To use them you only need access to your account wherever you are.

Time and energy savings

They save significant time and energy by replacing manual processes that never end.

Total control

Thanks to the use of the web application in the company, you will be able to control in detail all purchases made, pending payments, invoicing, and even more detailed information about the customer and the products they consume to make decisions.

5 reasons to create a Web Application

H3 Strengthening of your company and greater visibility for your brand

The development of this type of media gives a distinctive seal to your brand. In this way, your company will be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition that does not have its own application. Through them, at the same time that we reach a greater number of users and create interest in our company or product, we get in touch with customers and users interested in our brand.

Exclusive means of promotion

Your new promotional channel becomes an exclusive medium for your users, through which you can promote your products or services in an original and close way with your customers. In addition, you can launch exclusive offers for those members who use this new channel, thus differentiating yourself from the rest of your competitors.

Increased customer loyalty

The fact that a customer enters your new application is synonymous that he is interested in your services. In this way, we manage to establish a small daily impact of our brand on the customer, also achieving a high probability that they will recommend our application to their acquaintances, family and friends.

Unique functionalities for your users

The creation of this new media can mean having an exclusive platform loaded with unique features for our customers (offers, latest news, news, videos …), making the user feel valued by receiving special treatment.

It is a profitable option

The investment made to create a new web application will bring great benefits for your company, achieving greater visibility and a greater number of customers by being available to thousands of users while dominating the rest of the companies and brands in the sector.

Do I need a web application in my company?

To answer this question you only have to answer another one. Do I want to take advantage of the benefits that web applications bring to companies? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes, then you do need a web application in your company. Unimedia Tech specializes in the development of web applications for companies. Tell us your needs and we will prepare a custom quote for you.

Remember that at Unimedia, we are experts in emerging technologies, so feel free to contact us if you need advice or services. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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