Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

(Frame from the movie ‘Ready Player One’) Have you seen the movie ‘Ready Player One’? Based on Ernest Cline’s novel, Spielberg released it in 2018, a science fiction film?… The story presents a somewhat prophetic dystopia. It’s 2045, and the world is a bleak and hostile place. Simultaneously, there exists a utopian world created in […]

The All-in-One Solution: meet Super Apps

(image generated with IA: Stable Difussion) If a person wants to, through their mobile phone, order a transportation service, order food delivery, renew their car insurance, or make a bank transfer to a friend, they need to have several different apps downloaded. This wouldn’t be the case if that person has a single macro application: […]

What is Machine Learning?

(image generated with DALL-E and ZMO.AI) In his book “On Intelligence,” published in 2004, Jeff Hawkins defined intelligence as the ability to predict the future, such as the weight of a glass we are about to lift or the reaction of others to our actions, based on patterns stored in memory (the memory-prediction framework). This […]

The Evolution of IT and Software Development

evolution of it and software

Since the creation of the first computers in the 1950s, Information Technology (IT) and Software Development have been evolving at a rapid pace. Today, these technologies are fundamental to the operation of most businesses and organisations around the world. From the first FORTRAN programming language to the latest innovations in artificial intelligence and quantum computing, […]

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