How to Ensure Security in Software Development.

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At present, we are moving in an increasingly connected and digitized environment. In our homes, workplaces, our children’s schools, hospitals… Even when we go on a mountain excursion, we continue to use applications that guide us and help us reach our destination.

Cyber attacks and security breaches can have devastating consequences for individual users as well as for companies and official organizations.

In addition, every software we develop must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data it contains.

Key Practices & Strategies

Therefore, it is vital for us to ensure security in every software development project we undertake. In this post, we will explain the key practices and strategies we follow to ensure the security of our software developments.

Secure design from the beginning:

It is paramount for us to incorporate security from the early stages of the software development lifecycle. To achieve this, we design robust architectures and always work with secure technologies.

Additionally, we proactively anticipate issues by identifying and preventing potential vulnerabilities before they can become real problems.

Conduct thorough security testing:

Security testing is crucial for identifying potential weaknesses in the software.

It is essential to perform comprehensive penetration testing and static code analysis. These tests help us identify and address potential security gaps before the software is launched. This way, we can ensure that the software is resilient against potential attacks and threats.

Software updates and security patches:

Software updates often include security patches that address known vulnerabilities and attacks. Keeping the software up to date is essential to protect it against potential threats and ensure a secure environment.

Identity and Access Management:

In every software development project, it is essential to implement highly secure access. To achieve this, we establish strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and access controls based on roles and permissions. With this implementation, we protect our clients’ data and privacy, allowing only authorized users to access the software, ensuring the highest level of security.

Secure Coding:

This point is essential to protect the software from potential cyber attacks.

It involves following best practices, such as ensuring that the information provided by users is valid, preventing the insertion of malicious code, and adequately protecting passwords.

By implementing secure coding, the risk of hackers exploiting vulnerabilities to access sensitive information or disrupt the software’s functionality is minimized. It’s like building a solid protective barrier around the data.

Data Protection:

In every project, we are highly aware of the absolute need to protect sensitive data and our clients’ privacy. To achieve this, we implement encryption techniques, protect data at rest and in transit, and comply with privacy regulations (including both EU GDPR regulations and the applicable laws of the country where the software will be used). By working this way, we can always ensure the security and trustworthiness of our software

Education and Awareness:

And finally, but not least important, security is the responsibility of everyone involved in software development. On the one hand, we always ensure that our software development teams receive proper training in security. On the other hand, we make an effort to raise awareness among our clients about the correct security practices they should follow as users.

The lesson of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ 

At Unimedia, we are highly rigorous and careful about security in each of our projects. All our software developers always build secure environments for users and data integrity. By working this way, we strengthen the trust and loyalty of our customers as we prevent worrisome and costly security incidents.

If we think about the story of ‘The 3 Little Pigs,’ our job is to build a house of bricks, secure and strong, we will never make straw huts

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