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Testing your application must be kept in mind as an important part of the application development process. After all, this big step will help you to guarantee the quality, functionality and reliability of your application. In this post we will explain everything you need to do testing, the importance of some tools that will be useful and the advantages of doing this type of testing.


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What is mobile application testing?


The development and launch of an application requires a number of steps for planning, creation and later maintenance and updates. One of these steps is application testing. Testing is all kinds of tests that are made to the applications to be developed in order to create simple and customized tools for each client according to their needs.

Why is the testing stage of an app important?

You as a user will have noticed some bugs that can be found in different applications. Nowadays, when creating mobile applications it is necessary to take into account different aspects such as design, navigation and finally a series of tests that approve what has been developed.

This step is absolutely essential for any software development as it allows us to see all the mistakes we are making in the creation of an application. The design, accessibility and basic aspects are observed so that users feel comfortable navigating through the tool.


What are the testing tools?

There are numerous application testing tools, some specific for each environment and others that facilitate their installation for all types of operating systems.

In this testing process to automate errors the most effective way is to look for an automatic testing. Taking into account that they do not allow an excessive margin of error. The best solutions to check the absence of “bugs”.

TestFlight beta testing (iOS)

Testing tool most used by iOS developers, as it not only serves to test applications for mobile devices such as iphone ipad, but also in other products of the company.

Google Play Developers console (Android)

With this tool developers can manage all kinds of services for their applications. They can seamlessly manage the publication of products within the store.


Advantages of testing an app

On the one hand, it is always thought that the best time to test a mobile application is at the end of the development process. The best option is to test while developing some basic aspects of the mobile application.

This will allow us to correct bugs or failures in the most efficient and fast way, facilitating the work of developers who will not have to wait for the creation of the entire application to correct errors.


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