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Creating a startup is not an easy thing, requires lots of time in thinking and designing to make it work, like for example defining your goals, target, value, product and others. Apart from this, one of the most important things to take into account is finding a way to promote it effectively. However, promoting through ads is not always enough to obtain the results we are looking for, it will be necessary to invest in a landing page to convert your segment into potential customers. But how can we do that? Simple: investing in landing pages.

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In this article we are going to talk to you more about the importance of landing pages for a startup and how to build one.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a marketing tool used in order to convert visitors into Leads by calling them to action or by exchanging important information such as names, emails, cities, that will allow the company to know more about the consumers and also to convert them into final clients. On the other hand, with the landing page we not only pretend clients to suddenly become potential customers, but we try to offer them something of value in exchange, such as a free test, an ebook, more information, and others, depending on the type of landing page we have.

Benefits of landing pages

Higher conversion rate

Allows you to obtain a higher conversion rate, which is one of the most important KPIs in e-commerce because it indicates to us how our business is going. On the other hand, a landing page offers more accurate statistics to know who visited our website and how many of them became clients.

Cheap strategy

Landing pages are a cheaper option compared to other marketing strategies such as paid ads or creating a complete Website for a business, giving the opportunity to startups to still reach their goals.

Seo Ally

Having a landing page is a perfect strategy for SEO, because it increases organic traffic. If it is correctly used, it will benefit your website significantly.

Types of landing pages for startups

As we mentioned before, having a landing page can bring multiple benefits to your business, because it defines and improves the relationship and interactions of its visitors, increasing conversion rate. However, there exist different types of landing pages and it is important to adapt according to your business goals. The most used landing pages are

Landing pages as home

There are some businesses that instead of putting their products or services in the home page of their website, they decide to put a landing page because despite obtaining more traffic, it is unlikely that they will obtain conversion. This strategy works for people that come to the website directly to buy something, and by putting the landing page it speeds up the process.

Lead generation landing page

This type of landing page is aimed at gathering potential customer’s information by giving them something in return. The reward is the specific offer you are promoting to capture leads, and the solicitation is the information you request on your form, both of them should be well balanced. Whatever you are promoting, it should be worth the customer’s time to offer you their information and add them to your mailing list.

Click landing page

Compared to the other landing page, this one is not necessarily formulary. It acts as an intermediary between an ad and the final purchase, in order to vinculate these both.

Lead capture page

This is another landing page used to recompile information about possible potential customers. However, this landing page is with a simple format and minimal content, used at the beginning of the funnel sales to obtain consumer’s emails.

Sales page

With this page, you are no longer simply looking for potential customers, but those who are right at the bottom of the funnel and you have to convince them to buy. That is why this landing page requires more work in the design, taking into account the niche needs. However it is essential to include a small description, giving details about this product value.

How to build a landing page?

Online constructors

Fortunately, nowadays there exists different possibilities to make your website possible with online constructors such as Wix, without professional or programming assistance. Some of the benefits are related to the fact that it is cheap, and is accessible to edit whenever you want. However, these designs are always super simple and with limited options or functionalities.

Freelancer / agency that customises design

In this case, it is about hiring someone to do all the programming from scratch. That means that this person should have coding knowledge. The positive is that designing a landing page from scratch gives you the opportunity to personalize in the way you want. However, for a startup economically won’t be the best option.

In summary

The implementation of a landing page can be life changing for a company for the multiple reasons we have mentioned before, especially for a startup that is beginning and wants to recover all the investment as soon as possible without spending much money. And finally, the implementation not only benefits the company to increase the conversion rate, but gives you a clue to find out if your idea is worth the money and time.

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