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Here at Unimedia Technology we have Angular, React and VUE Developers with many years of experience developing Web Apps.

We offer the following services:

  • Web App development in Angular
  • Web App development in React.
  • Outsourcing of Web App Development team.

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web app development

What is a Web application

Kind of computer programme

Modern Software as a Service platforms rely on giving the user the best experience (UX) so the user finds the platform intuitive and useful and is willing to recommend.

The best Web UX is achieved by modern Web Apps developed using Angular, React or VUE

The benefit with the web application is that it optimizes the user experience (UX) so users can do much more. Must be dynamically updated to handle these sorts of interactions.

If you then want to take your Web App to the next level, there is the Progressive Web App approach, which can behave closer to a Mobile App. The user will even see the app icon on their mobile and can operate without internet connection.

Where should we use a Web App

Benefits of Web Apps include

Web Apps are very well suited for private Saas tools, usually after the user Sign-up and navigates to a private or paid for part of the tool that adds the value the user needs. However, for better UX, the whole public website can also be developed using the same technology stack.

And how about SEO? Does it work with a Web App? Don’t you worry, our team of experts have developed global public facing web apps using techniques that make them as indexable as traditional web pages. 

And how about updating the content. Could I use a CMS? Of course! We work with Headless CMS to make your public Web App updatable by your team.

At Unimedia we have the know-how to guide you through the journey on how to design, develop and deploy your modern Web App using Angular, React or Vue.


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Our team of experts will hand hold you through the journey, making it easy and clear. Our principles are transparency and price fairness. We enjoy what we do, and we have high standards on scalability, quality and security.

Unimedia Tech is a company you can trust with the engineering of user interaction and efficiency. With us, you can accelerate user base growth and reach other rewarding businesses. With the objective to engage users, prioritizing responsive interactions.

Bring your web app project idea and our Engineers will take good care of it and ensure it’s delivered on specification, time and budget.

We can also engage as your tech team extension, so you’ll have in your scrum team a dedicated expert development team to help you develop any complex platform in a more iterative and Agile process.

We are experts on Web App Technologies

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web application development


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