Custom Software Dev for Healthcare Technology Company

Client Name:



Manufacturing, Healthcare Technology

Services Provided:

Developing the app behind the smart socks built by Milbotix. Unimedia delivered an app that met all of the client’s requirements, covering all user stories defined in the scope.


The client needed help with developing the software system around their smart socks. The socks are the hardware piece of their technology, but they needed an application that could interface
with the hardware so that customers could use their product.


Theapp has three different components to it that Unimedia Technology worked on. Firstly, they developed its backend using Raspberry Pi and Docker as the technology stack. Secondly, they
built an API using ASP.NET Core. Thirdly, they developed its frontend so that the app would work both on browsers and mobile devices.

The API that Unimedia Technology built also connects to the client’s own software, so they can use their technology through it. Moreover, the API also connects the frontend with the backend.

Technologies Used:

  • C# .NET Core
  • AWS IoT
  • Angular
  • Docker
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Docker
  • API integration built with ASP.NET


The evidence that demonstrates the impact of the engagement is that the person who originally developed the requirements for this project also prepared a test plan, so the client tested the app against those and the user stories. They were able to cover all requirements and user stories, so they were confirmed that Unimedia Technology delivered the functionality detailed in the project

Unimedia Technology’s project management was excellent. They delivered three different demos at different stages of development, so the client were able to see what they were doing early
on. Moreover, they were extremely helpful in supporting the integration of client’s software with the app’s API.

Throughout the project, Unimedia Technology set up regular meetings with the client, and they also jumped on a call whenever they needed something from them. As for collaboration tools, they used Jira for project management, Slack for communication, and Xray for testing.

Client Testimonial:

“In the early stages of the project, Unimedia Technology was very helpful in advising us regarding an appropriate architecture for our product. Although my background is in software engineering,
I hadn’t been involved in the architectural side of projects until now, so having their expertise was very valuable.
Throughout the project, we were very impressed with Unimedia Technology’s communication and willingness to meet with us to discuss any changes. They were very flexible and
accommodating as we were still figuring out what the product needed to do, which was very helpful”. Zeke Steer, CEO of Milbotix.

Images and Visuals:

Project Timeline:

  • July 2022 – Project Initiation
  • November 2022 – Final Deployment
  • New phases of the project still running


Key Participants:

  • Jaume Vidal – CEO & Founder
  • Adolfo Aldunate – Senior Frontend Developer as a Full Stack Developer



All client information is used with permission from Milbotix.

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