Web & Mobile UI Development for Data Analytics Company

Client name:

Know What’s Loved


Arts, entertainment & music

Services provided:

Mobile App Development, Web Development


An offshore company was developing customer’s UI, and they found that they weren’t getting the quality and speed they wanted for the team. They engaged Unimedia Technology to take over and
transition that development work away from the existing team. 


Unimedia Technology is a data analytics company’s UI development partner. They’ve re-engineered client frameworks, and they use Angular to build on the UI of two SaaS solutions: a
web app and a mobile app.


  • Angular
  • AWS
  • Stripe
  • Saas Platform development

Implementation process:

  • Unimedia has taken over all of customer’s UI development. Initially, they spent a couple of months re-engineering all client frameworks.
  • Integration into customer’s development, design, and QA processes.
  • Building all the user fronts and the UI across our product set.
  • Working on a SaaS responsive web application and a SaaS mobile application. Both apps are used primarily by music industry professionals.
  • Works with Angular, interfacing with customer’s native APIs on the frontend while everything is on AWS.



The engagement with Unimedia Technology yielded substantial improvements for the client. Unimedia’s swift and meticulous work significantly enhanced the client’s ability to implement new UI features, overcoming prior interface disruptions. Their support enabled the client to execute significant UI changes within a day, facilitating prompt responses to customer feedback and seamless enhancements.

Unimedia’s integration into the client’s team fostered a disciplined approach, refining development processes through robust automated testing and the integration of project management tools like Confluence, Jira, and Slack.

The standout aspect of Unimedia Technology was their technical proficiency in music metadata. Their adeptness in this domain elevated development beyond its initial stage. Notably, Jaume’s expertise in music business services proved invaluable, ensuring the recruitment of highly skilled professionals and maintaining exceptional development quality. Unimedia Technology consistently provided top-tier developers, alleviating the client’s concerns about hiring and ensuring excellence in project execution.

Client Testimonial:

“Unimedia Technology is fast and delivers solid work. They’re very responsive and flexible, often going beyond the scope of work. Before we engaged them, we had problems rolling out new features; whenever we changed the UI, it would break other parts of the interface, which was a nightmare. Now, we can roll out new
features almost instantly. The team’s work has enabled us to deploy significant changes to the UI within a day, which has made a huge difference in our ability to react to customer feedback and
rapidly enact enhancements and fixes. Overall, working with Unimedia Technology is like having another internal team — it’s seamless.” – Alex Goatcher,  – CEO of Know What’s Loved

Images and Visuals:

Key Participants:

  • Unimedia CEO – Jaume Vidal
  • 2 Senior Developers
  • 2 entry-level developers
  • 2 QA engineers



All client information is used with permission from Know What’s Loved

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