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Message My Customer



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The customer was looking to put together a software dedicated software development team.


Unimedia Technology provides a dedicated software development team for a communication services startup. They’ve recruited Kubernetes and Go developers for the backend and used Angular
for the frontend. The client benefits from a dedicated core team provided by Unimedia Technology, ensuring a 100% commitment to their needs. This core team has expanded to a size that meets the client’s satisfaction. Additionally, Unimedia Technology offers flexible and adaptable resources, readily available whenever the client requires additional support.

Technologies Used:

  • Golang
  • Microservices
  • Kubernetes
  • Azure
  • PostgresSQL


The ongoing partnership with Unimedia Technology has been largely positive for the client. Despite occasional challenges, the team was effectively tailored to the client’s needs, acknowledging the possibility of unfamiliar team members introduced by Unimedia Technology.

The engagement process fostered an open and healthy relationship, marked by mutual transparency in addressing needs and challenges. Unimedia Technology displayed promptness in resolving team-related issues, swiftly facilitating new resources when required.

From a project management perspective, the client has been engaged with Unimedia Technology throughout the full agile lifecycle. Regular communication channels including weekly status updates, daily stand-ups, and consistent contact via Google Meet, Slack, and Microsoft Teams ensured a cohesive workflow.

The outstanding trait of Unimedia Technology lies in their remarkable openness and establishment of trust. Despite initial challenges in recruiting developers, frank discussions strengthened mutual trust. The client perceives Unimedia Technology not just as a development resource provider but as an integral part of their own development team, fostering a continuous and ongoing partnership without a defined conclusion date.

Client Testimonial:

“It’s been an engaging process and an open, healthy relationship. They’re still our partners, so things have been going well. The team is outstandingly open and trustworthy. They’re quick to
solve problems and great at fulfilling the client’s needs.”. – Daryl O’Regan CTO of Message My Customer.

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Project Timeline:

They started working together in April 2022, and the relationship is ongoing.


All client information is used with permission from Message My Customer.

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