Dev Services for a GreenTech Company

Client Name:



GreenTech, Sustainability Platform

Services Provided:

Custom Software Development


The customer’s development team had struggled for approximately two years to create a viable product solution, encountering obstacles that hindered the release of the product. With a pressing need to achieve a product within nine months, it became evident that external assistance was necessary for the development team. The decision was made to engage Unimedia Technology, a highly experienced development team, with the aim of fulfilling the company’s objectives.


Unimedia Technology developed a complete sustainability solution for a software design firm. They offered a robust development environment including discovery, Agile project management,
and frequent reporting.

Technologies Used:

  • React
  • C# NET Core
  • Azure
  • SQL Server
  • AppService


Unimedia Technology performed exceptionally well. They communicated with the scrum master or with the project manager every morning, which was a very effective process.
They used Jira and Confluence to manage the delivery progress of two-week sprints. The customer was involved in every approval and sign-off of every sprint process because we were running so quickly.
Their clarity of what the customer was trying to deliver was very impressive. When The Zellar talked to Unimedia about what they wanted, they made sure that they completely understood what the customer was asking them to do.

Client Testimonial:

“They made sure that they completely understood what it was that I was asking them to do.” Peter Charlesworth, CCO of Zellar.

Images and Visuals:

Project Timeline:

  • December 2020: Project Initiation
  • January 2021: The customer brought on Unimedia Technology full-time
  • February 2021: Ramped up their involvement
  • March 2021: Unimedia became a full team replacing the existing team
  • Ongoing



All client information is used with permission from Zellar.


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