Web Development for Digital Advertising Company

Client Name:

Out of Home Masters



Services Provided:

Custom Software Development, Web Development


The client wanted to develop a system that allows their customers to visualise the performance of their advertising campaigns in real time.


Unimedia handled the full architectural requirements of this project from design through to implementation. They began by creating a client library to capture the events. They then developed a full back end in AWS that could not only process thousands of play events per second, but process and save them without data loss, and was even capable of scaling quickly with the traffic.
They also built a Kibana dashboard for MVP and eventually a nifty Angular-based dashboard for the end users to visualise in real time their campaigns.

Technologies Used:

  • AWS Amplify
  • ElasticSearch
  • AppSync – GraphQl
  • Node.js
  • Angular 15+


The Unimedia Technology team developed in a very short time an MVP to fulfil the basic functionality the client wanted for their customer. This, in turn, has given them the time and opportunity to improve the product with customer feedback. In fact, the team has delivered a fully functional web-based dashboard that beautifully displays all the stats the client need for their customers to monitor their campaigns in realtime.

Client Testimonial:

“Their commitment inspired a lot of trusts, which is important in the collaboration. They felt like a part of our team rather than just a supplier, and that really took the working relationship up a level. The team has exhibited professionalism and productivity, allowing them a smooth collaboration. Their personal touch is impressive”. – Frank H. Hardenberg, Founder & Managing Director of Out of Home Masters.

Images and Visuals:

Project Timeline:

  • January 2020 – Project Initiation
  • July 2021 – Final Deployment


Key Participants:

  • Project Manager
  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • BackEnd developer for AWS and ElasticSearch integrations
  • Angular Developer for the Dashboarding work



All client information is used with permission from Out of Home Masters.

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