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Our commitment to gender equality

At Unimedia Technology, we firmly believe that the inclusion of women in the world of technology is a crucial issue. It’s not just a matter of justice and equal opportunities, but also about fully utilizing the talent and creativity of half of the world’s population.

There is still much work to be done to achieve true gender parity in the tech industry, and we are committed to making our contribution to promoting inclusion and diversity in our company and the industry as a whole.

Currently, our female staff is working towards obtaining the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification – Certification Challenge – Women in Tech, an initiative committed to integration by AWS.

To learn more about this training, click on the link:

Do you know about the AWS GetIT program?

AWS has launched numerous programs on inclusion, diversity, and equality. Among them, we believe it is important to publicize a particularly motivating educational initiative with a significant future vision: the AWS GetIT program.

AWS GetIT is a fully funded educational program and competition designed to inspire students between the ages of 12 and 14, especially girls, to consider a future in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.

If we can provide girls with female role models in these fields and promote equal opportunities for girls, we can ensure that there will be many more women trained and prepared to take their place in the world of science and technology.

To build a strong and lasting structure of gender equality in science, we must ensure that the foundations are well established.

Want to learn more about AWS GetIT? Click on the link::


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