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Whether you’re a startup or an established company, in need of a boost in resources for a one-off job or a series of projects, when outsourcing, it is key that the individual or firm you use is able to share and execute your vision, so you can achieve your business objectives.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are very helpful, but in the absence of, how do you choose the right tech partner for you?  There are some aspects that apply across all searches and are handy to bear in mind.

The correct skills

If you already have clear tech requirements for your project, it is a fairly straightforward matter to check that the consultant candidate has the specific technological skills or tools to match. 

On the other hand, if you want to build an app, but is unsure how to proceed, look for a software development consultancy that can walk you through the process.  A consultancy with knowledge in a variety of software languages will also be well placed to propose the most suitable infrastructure for your project.

Relevant experience

Ideally, the consultancy you choose has solid experience working on your type of project and/or is familiar with your industry.  As they would already have a good understanding of the more subtle nuances of your requirements, they can tap into that wealth of knowledge to deliver the best possible product.


A proven track record will indicate reliability and it is also worth looking into the general work ethos of the consultancy.  Diligence, can-do attitude and client-focused are all positive attributes.  A pro-active consultant prepared to constructively challenge the client’s brief will also benefit the assignment should any potential pitfalls be identified.


Perhaps this isn’t the most obvious criterion associated with an IT job, but it is one that distinguishes between a regular code writer and another that takes your project to a new height.  The typical road to delivery is besieged with hiccups, technical or otherwise.  The creative developer who can think out of the box will be more likely to come up with viable alternative solutions that take the project to fruition, even enhancing it.


Once again, an aspect that is often overlooked in a search for technical talents.  A good communicator however, will lessen your stress, simply by keeping you updated regularly on the progress being made.  Someone able to explain concepts in a clear manner will sweeten the process significantly.

With these quick tips considered, essentially, the consultancy you engage should inspire confidence in you and be able to add value to your project.

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