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Unimedia Tech is an expert company in Programming Services that has a team of programmers with the necessary skills to develop any task for a company related to programming.

The company has been a reference in the software programming sector. Unimedia Tech has a lot of experience working with different clients and projects internationally. This is the reason why Unimedia Tech consolidated its position as a custom software company in London.

The company’s team is made up of a group of highly talented engineers who have taken part in international projects, providing great results.

Out of Home Masters, Captini, Know What’s Loved, Carbon Statement or Stage are examples of clients who have relied on Unimedia Tech’s services and have obtained incredible results thanks to their trust in the services provided. 

Bespoke software development services

The custom programming services which Unimedia Tech offers are these: Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and Cloud Application Development (SaaS).

It should be noted that all services offered have a security guarantee. Security is very important for Unimedia Technology. 

Web Application Development

Among the various services of Unimedia Tech, we highlight Web App Development, offering B2B and B2C solutions on an international scale, as well as working on highly complex

projects. The advantage of the Web Application is that it optimizes the user experience (UX).

Web Apps are very suitable for private SaaS sites, usually after the user registers and navigates to a private or paid part of the site that adds the value the user needs. However, for a better UX, the entire public website can also be developed using the same technology stack.

Angular, React and VUE developers with many years of experience in the development of Web Apps. The following services are offered: Angular web application development, React web app development and outsourcing of the web app development team.

They can accelerate the growth of the user base and reach other rewarding businesses. With the aim of involving users, prioritizing responsible interactions.

Mobile Application Development

Unimedia has a team that develops iOS and Android mobile apps for start-up companies in different industries.

The company offer the following services: 

  • Native App Development with Swift.
  • Native Mobile App Development with Android Java.
  • Cross-Platform Development with Xamarin.
  • Cross-Platform Development with Angular and Ionic.
  • Cross-Platform Development with React Native.
  • Outsource your development team.

The members of the team have the knowledge to create custom devices for your needs, which can be delivered in a direct way to the final client. Unimedia Tech has developed successful mobile applications: music streaming apps, similar to Spotify; menu apps for COVID-19 patients; hotel branding apps; and so on. In addition, there is a quality control team that uses automated testing techniques to check the applications. 

Unimedia Tech delivers applications to the clients with the maximum quality and a good structure.

Cloud Application Development (SaaS)

Carry out the development of applications on the cloud (SaaS), ensuring secure and scalable software development for their clients, with security on the cloud as the main rule.

It should be noted that Unimedia carries out its Cloud Computing-related tasks through the world’s leading platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Ensuring its clients a constant, scalable and secure development, which it achieves thanks to an exhaustive supervision by its solution architects are certified in AWS.

On the other hand, they offer their clients totally personalized and effective solutions due to the fact that they are experts in a wide range of technologies.

Its cloud team builds solutions that are extremely scalable, highly secure and efficiently designed to optimize the user experience and maximize ROI.

Unimedia Tech has the ability to integrate the best development team with its production team and work together to achieve a complete solution.

They have extensive experience in building customized apps for device providers.

Finally, they develop and manage their clients’ apps, facilitating the process for them.

Dedicated Development Teams

The team is integrated with the most qualified engineers, who are up-to-date with the latest technologies and are experts in their sector. That is why the teams offer high quality solutions for any project, no matter the size of them.

The engineers are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and are experts in their fields. Fully equipped to provide high quality programming solutions for projects of any size.

Because of their 360° approach to the project, they can provide a boost in resources, or be the nearshore partner that helps plan strategically, implement effective solutions and ensure project delivery. During the process of a project, the team regularly informs the clients and are receptive to change any aspect of it. Adapting 100% to the client’s needs.

Unimedia evaluates the needs of its clients and designs a team composed of experts that best suits their needs. To implement the projects of their clients, they apply the best and most modern technologies to offer a unique solution.

If you want more information about software services, visit our website.

Remember that at Unimedia, we are experts in emerging technologies, so feel free to contact us if you need advice or services. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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